Give a Gift of Support to Young Families Facing Cancer

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This holiday season we invite you to give the gift of support to young families facing cancer. It is the perfect opportunity to give a meaningful gift that has a real impact on the lives of others.

Fiona’s Family House co-founders Laurel Hillerson-Spear and Gary Hillerson, along with board member Karen Delaney, plan to give the gift of a donation to all of the adults on their list this year. What compelled them to do so? We invite you to read their letters to find out and then make a donation in honor of someone you love today.




Why #IStandBeside Young Families Facing Cancer

Laurel-familyLaurel Hillerson Spear– As the year draws to a close I gratefully reflect on how my life has changed in 2016. In the past 11 months, I’ve had major surgery, attempted four different chemotherapy protocols, ended my paid career to allow more time for my rigorous treatment schedule, watched my daughter start kindergarten, struggled for my relationship, and fought with health insurance more times than I can count. Yesterday I reached my expiration date, more commonly known as 2 ½ years after I was told I had 2 ½ years to live. I didn’t expect to see the holidays this year, and I am so grateful to be alive in spite of the terminal cancer diagnosis that I was given just weeks after I turned 32…. Continue Reading



Karen Delaney– My incredible niece Rachel, lost her mom 29 years ago to Lymphoma when she was 9 months old. My sister Kris was joyful, funny, kind and fiercely creative. She wanted to be a mother more than anything, and Rachel was to be the first of a big family. Kris was diagnosed with cancer when she was 6 months pregnant and delayed the start of treatment to give Rachel a chance. Chemotherapy started the day Rachel was born. Kris made it to her twenty-fifth birthday, but never saw any of Rachel’s…. Continue Reading




Gary Hillerson– Cancer is a horrible disease that takes an incredible toll on cancer patients. It also inflicts major change and stress on the patient’s family and friends. I can personally attest to the hell that my daughter, Laurel, and our family has been through over the two and a half years since Laurel was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer. Watching Laurel struggle with pain, loss of income, finding time to be a conscious parent and spouse, and the endless medical appointments has been horrendous… Continue Reading




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