Fiona’s Family House (FFH) is named  to honor Fiona, the daughter of our founder, Laurel, who at 32 was diagnosed with terminal rectal cancer. Fiona’s Family House exists to alter existing medical services and safety net services that are missing from our current system and to empower those diagnosed with advanced cancer to live with their diagnosis. Our founders envision a community that is better informed about YA issues; a community in which families are supported, financial needs are addressed, and patients receive advocacy services while also becoming advocates for change.

Operating under the fiscal sponsorship of The Santa Cruz Volunteer Center, the founders of FFH have created a fund to offer financial scholarships to YAs and their families. We aim to build a directory of service providers who support Young Adults with cancer, and to encourage them to refer those in need to us. We also plan to create learning materials to help educate healthcare providers in Santa Cruz about the needs of YAs.



Fiona’s Family House is Laurel’s tribute to and legacy for her daughter Fiona. Laurel’s commitment, inspired by Fiona’s difficulty understanding cancer and her struggle to live with a sick mom, is to make the Santa Cruz Community a better place and a hub of support for families experiencing a cancer crisis and beyond.