This page contains links to the web sites of organizations that help YAs with financial information and assistance. Organizations listed are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Fiona’s Family House.

Allyson Whitney Foundation AllysonWhitneyThe Allyson Whitney Foundation supports young adults with rare cancers – 50% of all diagnosed cancers are a rare form of the primary cancer. The organization awards ‘Life Interrupted Grants’ to young adult patients 15-36 years old undergoing treatment or finished protocol within 6 months, lending help to concentrate on healing. Grant applications are accepted two to three times a year, dependent on funding.
Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation AndreSobelThe Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation provides everyday needs assistance program for single parent families with children with cancer. The variety of requests range from essentials, such as food, transportation, utilities, and medications not covered by insurance to funds to protect a family from eviction or foreclosure. Works with 12 pediatric hospitals nationwide. Within 24 hours, they help with urgent expenses to allow single parents to stay at their child’s bedside during catastrophic illness.
Association of Community Cancer Centers PatientAssistanceThe Association of Community Cancer Centers provides a Patient Assistance and Reimbursement Guide that includes a listing of prescription drugs with patient assistance programs.
Brenda Mehling Cancer Fund BMCFThe Brenda Mehling Cancer Fund supports patients 18-40 years old as they undergo cancer treatment. It provides services to meet daily needs that are not covered by insurance. Typical grants cover $500 worth of medical co-payments, rent and mortgage, transportation, car insurance, repairs, and groceries.
Cancer Care CancerCareCancer Care provides financial assistance for active treatment-related medicine, transportation, and homecare. It does not cover basic living expenses such as rent, mortgages, utilities, or food. It also runs The CancerCare Co-Payment Assistance Foundation, a non-profit organization established in 2007 to cover the cost of medications for treating cancer for individuals who cannot afford their insurance co-payments.
Cancer and Careers Micro-Grant Program CancerCareerThe Micro-Grant Program offers cancer patients and survivors financial assistance for professional development opportunities that will allow them to enhance or build new skills. “Professional development” encompasses any type of course, training, conference or coaching that is essential to any cancer survivor for advancing or maintaining their current job, job-shifting or looking for a new opportunity, during or after cancer treatment.
Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition cfacThe Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition provides a coalition of financial assistance organizations joining forces to help cancer patients experience better health and well-being by limiting financial challenges. It further provides a searchable database of financial assistance resources based on diagnosis and assistance type.
Cancer.Net Cancer.netCancer.Net provides resources to learn about managing the cost of cancer care. It also provides an informational section on life after treatment.
Colon Cancer Alliance’s Blue Hope Financial Assistance CCABlue Hope Financial Assistance is a program that provides financial support to individuals getting screened or going through treatment for colon cancer. This program offers three opportunities to those looking for support. This is an online only application that must be completed from a computer, not a mobile device
CoPatient  copatientCoPatient is a medical bill review and negotiation service that protects consumers against medical billing errors and overcharges. CoPatient reviews all unpaid medical bills and deliver a free estimated savings report. Then, if you’d like, a team of expert medical billing advocates can negotiate with providers and hospitals to save you money. Sign up and receive your savings report for free, fees are charged for the negotiating service.
Critical Mass: Mission Control  CriticalMassMission Control is your one-stop-shop for all young adult programs resources and services. This searchable database is designed specifically for young adults 15-39 years old dealing with cancer.
Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy DiplomatThe Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy provides clinical and reimbursement solutions to patients with oncologic and hematologic disorders. Their program helps to simplify the process of acquiring medications necessary for treatment.
The Ellie Fund  EllieThe Ellie Fund fights breast cancer by easing its effects on patients and families. Provides critical support services including transportation to medical appointments, childcare, housekeeping, groceries, and nutritious prepared/delivered meals free of charge to hundreds of women and family members across Massachusetts each year. Services are offered free of charge thanks to the generosity of our volunteers, friends, donors and sponsors.
Fifth Season Financial FifthSeasonFifth Season Financial partners with patients facing advanced stage cancer in order to help with their financial situation. Fifth Season’s Loans for Living program is designed to provide immediate financial assistance to people looking to regain financial control during an advanced cancer diagnosis. The program allows Fifth Season to lend funds using an existing life insurance policy as collateral. In some instances, they can lend as much as 60 percent of the policy’s death benefit.
The FLY Foundation FlyFoundationThe FLY Foundation provides support to young adults 19-39 years old diagnosed with cancer who are US citizens and residents of Massachusetts or Rhode Island. Funds may reimburse recipients for co-insurance, co-pays, and living expenses, including rent/mortgage payment and utilities, during treatment.
Hope for Young Adults with Cancer GivingHopeFundHope for Young Adults with Cancer provides financial support, a social network and outlet for young adults 18-40 years old that are battling, surviving and living with cancer. Their Giving Hope Fund allows young adults currently battling cancer, as well as those who have been in remission for up to 5 years after their treatment, the opportunity to help pay for necessities they encounter in everyday life.
The Lois Merrill Foundation LoisMerrellThe mission of the Lois Merrill Foundation is “To help people affected by carcinoid and other rare cancers through funding research for new treatments, providing financial support for patients and their families, and promoting awareness and education.” Through the Medical Assistance Grant program, patients with carcinoid and other rare cancers can receive assistance with the payment of medical expenses. An application is required, grants are given at the start of each year.
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society LeukemiaSocietyThe Leukemia & Lymphoma Society provides a booklet, Cancer and Your Finances, with comprehensive information on types of health insurance, COBRA, federal employment protection, and more. It provides a co-pay assistance program to help pay insurance premiums and meet co-pay obligations (application required.) Provides the YA Connect program, including a weekly online chat and a blood cancer discussion board section for the YA community.
National Comprehensive Cancer Network NCCNThe National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) provides guidelines for patients for a number of cancer diagnosis’ including a booklet specific to the care of the AYA patient. NCCN also provides a list of resources to learn about reimbursement help and services available to help mitigate reimbursement challenges.
NeedyMeds NeedyMedsNeedyMeds provides information on programs that help those unable to afford their medication or health care costs. The website has information on pharmaceutical patient assistance programs, programs that offer financial assistance based on diagnosis, free/low-cost/sliding-scale clinics, application assistance programs, drug coupons, camps and scholarships based on diagnosis, disease-specific pages, and government programs. All information is free, easy to access, updated regularly and anonymous. Users don’t have to register to access information.
Partnership for Prescription Assistance
PPAThe Partnership for Prescription Assistance helps qualifying patients without prescription drug coverage get the medicines they need for free or nearly free. Offers a single point of access to more than 475 public and private programs, including nearly 200 offered by biopharmaceutical companies.
Patient Access Network Foundation PanFoundationThe Patient Access Network Foundation provides underinsured patients with co-payment assistance through more than 40 disease-specific funds that give them access to the treatments they need. Individual grants, depending on the disease fund, are available to to federally and/or commercially insured patients to cover the cost of co-payments, deductibles, and co-insurance.
Patient Advocate Foundation PAFThe Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) provides patient services by telephone, email, or web chat to those in need that fall under the scope of PAF services. Their professional staff members intervene by making conference calls when needed, assisting with appeals to insurance companies or the Social Security Administration, negotiating with providers in medical debt situations or securing access to care. The PAF staff strives for positive resolutions whenever possible.
Patient Advocate Foundation – Co-pay Relief Program CopaysThe Patient Advocate Foundation Co-Pay Relief (CPR) provides direct financial assistance to qualified patients, assisting them with prescription drug co-payments their insurance requires relative to their diagnosis. CPR call counselors work directly with the patient as well as with the provider of care to obtain necessary medical, insurance and income information to advance the application in an expeditious manner.
Patient Services, Inc. PSIPatient Services, Inc. provides financial assistance to help people who live with certain chronic illnesses or conditions to locate suitable health insurance coverage and access ways to satisfy expensive co-payments.
Rx Assist RxAssistRx Assist provides a searchable database of patient assistance programs as well as practical tools, news, and articles. They help patients learn about ways to use pharmaceutical company programs and other resources to help reduce medication costs.
RxHope RxHopeRxHope provides a searchable database of patient assistance programs to find free or low-cost prescriptions.
The HealthWell Foundation HealthwellThe HealthWell Foundation provides financial assistance to eligible individuals to cover coinsurance, co-payments, health care premiums and deductibles for certain medications and therapies.
The Pink Fund PinkFundThe Pink Fund distributes short-term financial aid, for basic living expenses, on behalf of breast cancer patients who have lost all or a part of their income during active treatment. Please see The Pink Fund’s “Do I Qualify?” for eligibility requirements.
The Rob Branham Foundation RobBranhamThe Rob Branham Foundation provides or helps find support and services to cope with leukemia and other diseases that lead to a bone marrow transplant as treatment. Their programs include Rob Direct, a program to provide limited financial assistance directly to families for ancillary expenses not covered by insurance, as well as other services. They also help make connections to get a bone marrow drive started, and support drives financially.
The Simple Dollar’s Debt Payoff Calculator SimpleDollarAt The Simple Dollar, the mission is to help people break free from debt and get on the road to financial independence. Whether it’s medical bills, student loans, or credit card debt, the goal is to help you create a plan to eliminate your debt quickly. See how making a few extra payments will get you debt-free faster than you think and see some tools that might be available to you to manage and reduce your debt.
The Steven G AYA Cancer Research Fund StevenAYAThe Steven G AYA Cancer Research Fund provides financial support for AYAs to participate in a clinical trials and educational support programs.
The We Believe Foundation WeBelieveThe We Believe Foundation is a resource that both raises awareness about adolescent and young adult cancers and provides financial assistance to individuals ages 15 – 29 years old. Their applications for assistance open in February and September.
Wellist WellistWellist is a one-stop resource of healthy living services customized for patients and caregivers. Wellist has indexed over 3,500 services across 27 categories and through a personalized, online tool, can direct patients to services they’re interested in. Lastly, compile your own gift registry (Wellistry) to share with friends and family so they know exactly what they can do to help.